Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to make Burmese curry noodle with only two spices

I never understand why Westerners practically freak out and cower at the corner at the thought of throwing a spontaneous dinner, brunch, or BBQ party.  As far as I am concerned, it is practically me hanging out with my friends and family at the comfort my place with the food I like to eat. There is no expectation from them (well, at least I hope) to be impressed with my cooking skills. After all, I am not a chef and should not aspire to be one. The get-togethers are meant to be and should be about doing things that I normally do by myself, like ignoring the world over Instagram, being nosy about other people’s life or laughing maniacally over cute Internet cat videos, except that this time with friends and families. So, I cook accordingly to fit that mission.

DIY Curry noodle (mote thi)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to make the creamiest vegan pasta

My favorite question to ask to anyone is, “what is your go-to food when you want to wind down after a long day?” I personally think what a person considers as a “comfort” food depicts a deep narrative about the person. Comfort food, I believe, embodies more than just a pile of deep-fried carbs drowned with unethical amount of fatty goop, which ultimately make me feel intensely grossed out rather than comforted. What I crave in my personal comfort food is something that will remind me that the world is a safe place, full of calorie-free donuts and real life pokemons. I want to feel great before, during and after I have eaten the meal. Naturally, whenever I need shelter from my adult life, I always end up crawling back to my favorite childhood moments – eating noodles.

Avocado vegan pasta

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sweeten Your Routine Tea Time with This Bold Burmese tea

Studying for the medical school board exam was definitely an experience of a lifetime. I honestly would have never thought that I have the attention span long enough sit still for 12-14 hours at my study desk, until the reality actually left me no other choices. What kept me sane during the process were my friends, a really good bag of jasmine rice (I like to binge eat bowlfuls of rice while reading. A warm rice cooked until softened, generously doused in a trio of sesame oil, sweet soy sauce and light soy sauce, eaten straight with a spoon while watching lectures have always been my long-cherished underrated pleasures), and the prospect of visiting my family again.