Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MyMixx promotion + $75 Amazon gift card Giveaway + A new approach to eating kettle corn

Dear my readers,

I recently just hit 6K followers on Instagram, and I just want to thank you for all your support. Lime and Cilantro will honestly be a shit show without you guys.

In order to celebrate this, I am teaming up with Tatu Digital Media to bring you a pretty sweet giveaway and an awesome MyMixx promotion offer.

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Of course, I couldn’t let you guys go without a story (I am verbose like that), so below is a story that will probably still give me PTSD for a couple of weeks. But, on the bright side, it comes with a fantastic tip to eat kettle corns.

The story 

This past weekend, I spent a majority of my time at FoodieCon – a supposedly a tradeshow style event that you can sample latest food trends from various food vendors. I was actually invited to give a cooking demonstration for two days. You have got to admit that is a pretty sweet deal, especially for someone with no culinary credentials. To top of the deal, the tickets were about $30 to $55 a day. My rule of thumb is that if I am paying over $25 for anything, I expect lots of pleasure from it. So, yes I was excited for this event. On Friday, I dreamed about sampling until my stomach explodes, and stashing gift bags until my car trunk no longer closes (Ok, may be not that excess. But, you get the point).

Long story short, I was reminded once again that life is full of disappointment. There was nothing like what they promised to be a “food sampling”. When I think of food sampling, I think of a wonderful, uninterrupted experience, where I can eat food without having to talk to anyone. The quote-on-quote sampling at the event reminded me more of a timeshare presentation, where you have to perform the ritual foreplay of fake-interest before you get your room temperature samples, that make McDonald nuggets look like gourmet food. I wouldn’t wish this type of food sampling, even to my worst enemy. I wanted to curse, but I was too disappointed to even indulge myself in cursing.  The worst part is it was only the first day, and I promised a second cooking demonstration that next day. A total FML moment. But, in retrospect, there were signs that this event should never live up to my optimism – one being that they invited me, someone with literally no culinary experience, a novice with a mere 4-digit following on social media, to actually give a demonstration.

Anyway, the only good thing about the event is my friends actually drove from OC to spend time with me. The rest of the day, while waiting for my turn to present, we focused on catching up with each other, stuffing our bags with complimentary granola bars from the “Press room”, and sampling pretty decent kettle popcorns. Life actually got better in a shitty situation when you are with people you actually like, and kettle popcorns, my all-time favorite snacks, helped ease the pain. Then the clock started to tick closer to 3pm, and it was my time to give a cooking demonstration on how to make a chickpea tofu. I actually started to get excited. May be this demonstration might even be important.

Sadly, there goes another big flop disappointment. Everything that you can imagine that can go wrong in a cooking demo went wrong. Previous presenter took 20 min extra to finish. The induction stoves obviously did not work (Seriously, induction stoves are the bane of my existence). There were not enough pots and pans. The only two good things that happened were 1) my friends had a great time with me on the stage, cooking together, and 2) even though the event is at the end of the day, we managed to attract quite a crowd, (albeit it is more of a zombie hoard, which needs to feast on anything and everything because the promised food sampling event probably left them hungrier). 

Yes, things did not go well. I was very disappointed. So disappointed that at that certain moment, I could not help but to laugh at the moment because this is the type of scenario I only expect to happen in a sitcom. At the end of the day, I have several bags full of granola bars, a circle of friends laughing with me on the stage, a block of tofu to feed a hungry crowd, and a stomach full of kettle corns. So, who am I complain? Life did not take the route I wanted, but in retrospect, it did not suck much.

Moral of the story – friends and kettle corns can do wonders to shitty situations.

How to take eating kettle corns into the next level
Get the sweet variety like, caramel flavor or peppermint flavors. Pour over full fat milk (or goat milk). Devour immediately.

*This is a sponsored post by Tatu Digital Media. All opinions and suggestions are my own.*


  1. "friends and kettle corns can do wonders to shitty situations." Iconic quote! I want that on a t-shirt. In all seriousness, I'm sorry to hear about your poor experience at the convention. But glad to hear that friends were able to make it memorable :D

  2. Ps. Can we PLEASE co-host a workshop together??!

  3. aww...sorry that it's a big disappointment! It's life I guess. Not everything is exactly as we imagine it to be, but our attitude dealing with it is important! Great to know that you still had great time with your friend. And.... I'm not surprised at all that you've reach 6K plus! It's gonna doubled and tripled to who knows how much!! you just wait and see! ok, now..i'm looking for the shortchut Mohinga!

    1. Hi Marv..omg hope you find the mohinga recipe. I really need to update my recipe index. It is so confusing.

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  5. I really like what you describe